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Wedgwood Hospitality Division has nearly 250 years experience in the tabletop business and offers tableware for all of your catering/banqueting requirements; Whether it be a small exclusive bistro, a fine-dining restaurant or even a cruise or airline, Wedgwood has a product appropriate to your needs. Choose from a wide range of exquisite fine bone china, high grade durable porcelain or performance banqueting fine china, the result will always be the same: Beautifully laid tables for years to come.If you prefer to choose the more personal route, Wedgwood can supply impeccably designed bespoke patterns or logos to suit your tastes and your venue.

[ Contact the Wedgwood Hospitality customer service team ] today and let them advise you of the best product for your establishment.

Wedgwood tableware has graced the tables of Kings and Queens, World Leaders, Movie Stars and world renowned chefs for over two centuries. All that experience is ready to help you!