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Isnít Wedgwood China too delicate to be used in a commercial setting?
Bone China is the strongest ceramic body known to man. Due to this, it can be made much finer and still retain very high strength.

Is the hotel product the same as the product I buy in shops?
In many cases, yes. The product is made from the same clays but sometimes the designs are modified to be more suitable for catering usage.

Do we need to take special care of patterned tableware?
No, because Wedgwood do that for you. Commercially used product is decorated in such a way that scratching and pattern erosion is at an acceptable minimum. Obviously you, as the customer, can customise product outside these guidelines but we would advise you at each stage of the process.

Can I see your choice of products in a specialist brochure?
Yes, the brochures and this website are frequently updated to include the newest launches. You can select at your leisure.

Is the product difficult to order?
No, we have product which is available all of the time, itís simple, contact one of our sales staff and they will put you in touch with one of the specialist Wedgwood distributors nearest you. We carry stocks of all our main lines and delivery is usually very quick.

How long will Wedgwood designs stay available?
It is true that from time to time all suppliers delete items and ranges. This is usually because they are no longer popular. However, Wedgwood will always give all customers at least 2 years notice of this. Connaught has been available for over 50 years and we see no reason why it shouldnít be around for another 50!