Jasper Conran collection

Jasper Conran collection

The Hospitality Collection

Hospitality Overview

The hospitality market is a burgeoning part of the ceramic industry, people dine out more and more. Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships all represent the growing leisure industry.

Each part of this industry has its own peculiar purchasing process. Airlines and Cruise companies tend to make their purchases via an established purchasing department/team. Hotels use a purchasing team but are also inclined to use chefs as key buying decision makers.

The hospitality market demands a quick turn around of product. Repeat orders can represent instant decisions made by chefs either using new menus or breakages needing immediate replacements.The hospitality market also has an impact on the prestige of a particular venue. This prestige requirement works exceptionally well with the Wedgwood brand. If a Hotel, Airline, Cruise Ship is being refurbished/ modernised/upgraded the customer wants to know he is getting a first class ceramic package. This is true of all 5 star venues. It is a need/requirement we can easily fulfil.