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With the highest quality standards, design and techniques, every single item produced exudes delicate sophistication, good grace and innate taste. The strength and durability of Wedgwood products is undeniable. You'll notice the difference, and so will your customers.

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Wedgwood Vogue is made from affordable, high alumina fine china, tough enough to withstand the rigours of any modern, fast throughput catering environment yet with shape and form to grace the tables of any fine dining establishment. .

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Connaught is Wedgwood's best selling hospitality range. Simple, elegant and with over 75 different items in the range, it allows you to create a traditional or contemporary feel. All items are dishwasher and microwave safe and made from bone china - the strongest ceramic body known to man.

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Wedgwood supplies beautiful bespoke tableware to all areas of the catering and hospitality industry. Wedgwood products can withstand all heavy-use catering environments and still look superb after every "voyage".

Alternative retail ranges such as [ Jasper Conran White ], [ Ethereal ] and [ Wedgwood White ] are also available, you can view these ranges at [ Wedgwood.com ], or [ contact us ] to find out more.